Take on a 30 day challenge

So this link popped up on my LinkedIn feed last week:

A list of 30 day challenges by James Altucher

Looking through the 16 listed ideas got me thinking – I love this type of thing. How might I do something similar? What simple challenges can I set myself that I will enjoy, that will stretch my mind, and that I will benefit from? Oh, and are free. That’s an important one.

I came up with:

1. Practice my German everyday – I need to learn for my wife and daughter (both German). So I’m using the Duolingo app on the train to work in the morning (rather than reading a free paper).

2. Go for a walk every lunch time. I spend too much time in the office. 15-30 mins spent stretching my legs is good for both my brain, and my stress levels.

3. Switch the tv off at 10pm and go to bed. I often stay up way to late watching crappy tv. Not good – and I always regret it in the morning.

So, I’m giving it a go. I’ll keep you posted.

My question for everyone else is – what would your three challenges be?

  • Something simple
  • Good for you
  • Free to implement
  • Making you a happier person

Have a go. Best of luck.

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